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Ad Posted Date is January 10, 2024
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Immigration Business Alliance Partner - Immigration Consulting Sales P
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About Immigration Business Alliance Partner

Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA) is an Australian owned and operated firm, which acts as an aggregator for Immigration Business Setup & ICT technical platform. IBA registered in Australia and USA, is there to make life easy for Legal Practitioners, Registered Migration Agents, Service Providers, Sales Agents, Outsourcing Sales Agents, and Master Franchises!

At IBA, we are committed to building careers, relationships, and partnerships by leveraging our strong service providers’ knowledge, expertise, and brand identity to benefit individuals and businesses in the field of Immigration Services, especially for Australia.

With Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA), businesses, consultancies, and agents have a good opportunity to enhance their careers. Through IBA’s platform, you will get innumerable benefits ranging from exclusive services, high revenues, to an association with a pioneering brand. Reach out to us to become our partner today!
Products and Services

Services offered by our Service Providers:

• Australian Immigration & Settlement services: Handle complex visa pathways and first-up access to various legislations, regulations, policies, and forms. Excessive knowledge in case laws and specialized in Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) inclusive of court appeals and representation. Manage various types of visa pathways but not limited to: Skilled migration, Work Permits, Family Migration, Business & Investor Visas, Resident Return Visas, Appeals & Reviews, Citizenships.

• Australian Qualification Services: With only 2+ years of work experience backed up by work sample evidences, QA can provide you with a Diploma, Adv Diploma and/or a Bach with Hons with its respective mark sheets, at the comfort of your home.
Preferred Locations

Hyderabad, Mumbai, India, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Kerala, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.How to become Immigration Business Alliance Partner Sales Partner?

Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.

What are some of the things we look for in a Sales Partner?

To Set a Global Footprint as the Best Immigration Business Alliance Aggregator in the Visa and Qualification Industry through our Extensive Network.

Of Agents and Franchises.

Support you can expect from the company

Listing on IBA website.

Individual Micro-Website with Personalised Enquiry Form.

Personalised Payment Gateway Facility.

Training Manual Portal Access.

Ongoing Support and Constant Update.

Certificate of Accreditation.

Marketing & Advertisement Facilitation.

Lodgement Services Offered by Respective Service Providers.

Documentation Portal Access.

10% Discount on Service Provider Fees.

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  • +91 7385999173
  • 917385999173
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