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How to open a bank account in the UAE as an expat
Establishing a banking relationship in the UAE is quick and efficient. In general, the process takes anywhere from a day or two to a couple of weeks, depending on the kind of account. Different accounts require different documents.

Expats can open bank accounts in the UAE within a couple of working days. As a resident, the basic requirements for opening a personal savings or current account are:

Your original passport plus a copy
A copy of your visa page proving you are a resident of the UAE
A salary certificate (get one from your company’s HR department)
Certain banks may ask for your Emirates ID card, but you can usually provide this later if you haven’t received it yet. Instead, they may just ask for a copy of your Emirates ID registration form.
Non-residents may only open savings accounts. While you won’t be able to ask for a checkbook, you will, however, be given a debit card to withdraw money. In addition, non-resident accounts are subject to a minimum and/or maximum balance. A bank may also decide to run a background check before allowing you to open an account.

In addition, non-residents may be asked for the following documents:

Latest utility bill
An original reference letter from another bank where the applicant has an account
The most recent six-monthly personal bank statement from the applicant’s country of origin or anywhere in the world
Information on the source of incoming funds

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